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I am a music writer and record engineer. I also take an interest in WEB-design and electronics.


I was born in May, 27, 1965 in Moscow. Our family lived in Katkovsky a lane opposite to watch factory where my mother and the grandmother worked. My father, Alexey Vasilievich Makarov, comes from the Tula region. In 1955 after demobilization from army he worked in Moscow. He was very talented person. Not bad painted in oils and in pencil, had the category on a chess, played on a guitar and an accordion. He was occupied with radio engineering and a photo, skied, lived in a hostel. In 1963 father has met my mum Tatyana Tikhomirova. She had very nice voice. When parents traveled to village where father was born, sometimes they sang the songs under a guitar. People from the next houses came to listen them.

Wedding has taken place on June, 6, 1964. I was born one year later. At the beginning we lived in a room of municipal apartment. But soon our neighbour woman has died and we disposed whole two-room apartment on the second floor of old wooden house.


Father and his cousin, 1954

Parents' marriage

Mom's portrait


Parents worked much therefore gave me to a kindergarten on a five-day week. Though I can't tell that has been deprived of parental care. In 1969 my sister Nadya was born. During same time to us gave a new apartment in Vykhino. Father wanted that I studied as the painter in Surikov Academy. I remember, in our kindergarten there have arrived experts from Gnesins Musical Academy. Have chosen me and one more boy. After entrance examinations I was entered, I don't remember yet on what class. But this affair has left nothing. One day we had early released from studies and I for a long time strolled alone in the street. My parents were horrified when they arrived to take me away. Was accepted decision to finish with study as to carry me it was necessary on other side of city.

By then I already studied in the first class of high school № 817. Father arranged me in a musical circle at house management office. There it was pleasant to me more than at Musical Academy, - conditions was less stiff. Almost every summer I went to have a rest in pioneer camp near Moscow. There it was great, only five groups. In the evenings we looked cinema in local club, and in day there were dance evenings. There for the first time I've heard Paul McCartney's "Band On The Run". I remember that a hit then was a song "A Cowboy's Work Is Never Done" of Sonny & Sher. There was a fine time. I heard many more good music.


I'm 3 y.o.

Paris-Dakkar races

1 "A" class of school № 817, 1972


It's interesting that in pioneer camp my musical abilities which probably were have not passed unnoticed. Our accordionist started to study with me one children's song. There were the words: "I've got the two today..." I sang it at a concert. I remember that I very much worried. For the first time in my life I stood on a stage. Then I was ten. There were many different circles in camp. I was engaged in incrustation and a burning out on a tree, read books in local library. I hated camp drill. Probably now young people don't know at all what's this.

In our home were two suitcases with radio components which I've got inherited from the father. With my friend Sergey Tikhomirov I designed radio receivers. And later, already in the senior classes we assembled electronic schemes for a guitar. He was my best friend. After the eighth class Sergey has acted in technical school. His classmate with nickname "drunkard" had many LPs. He copied and changed it. Sergey took these records and we listened it together and even tried to make a band. Up to the end of school I didn't know what I shall do. I liked electronics and music.

The run were one more my hobby. I ran in the mornings on 4-5 kilometers with Sergey. We dreamed to be Olympic champions. It's necessary to tell that sports practice have not passed without results. It helped me to become more collected, hardy and purposeful. I remember that in the tenth class me and my schoolmate Vadim who had the first category on running and the personal trainer was, leave behind all guys from our class on whole circle in 2 kilometers running. These were ten circles of school stadium.

In 1982 I finished the school and have gone to work as the seller of audio equipment in "Petrovsky Passage" department store. During a dinner I came on recording studio on Tverskaya Street (then called Gorky Street) opposite to the Main telegraph. There it was possible to record anything you like, because LPs was not in sale. Cost of one album was 4 roubles. Then I started to listen Wings, Alan Parsons Project, Pink Floyd, Electric Light Orchestra and it's a lot of that else. But work in two shifts was not O.K. for me.

One year later I've been given an employment in the State Institute of Nitric Industry (GIAP) where my father worked. There I was engaged in development and manufacturing of devices for scientific researches. It was the good practice for me. My head Leonid Vladimirovich Tchizhov, Cand.Tech.Sci. was. During war he was the teenager and worked in aviation factory. He perfectly understood technical equipment, was the good photographer. I've learned much at him and very much am grateful to him for all. We could told about any theme and he always understood me.


Me and Sergey, 1985

My first band, 1985

"The Breeze", 1988


In GIAP I formed my first band. On a photo above at the left to the right: Vitaly Krainov (keyboards), Igor Tishchenko (bass), me (guitar) and Kostya Nikolaev (drums). We had very small room in a cellar where we could rehearse at any time. There was no ventilation and I was coming back home from rehearsals with the smell of a cigarettes smoke though itself did not smoke. It was very good time. In the mornings I went to work and studying any electronic scheme for a guitar, in the afternoon I produced the plate and soldered elements, and in the evenings already tested it in rehearsal room. This was work in socialism. Though scientific researches was made too. Sometimes I was stay till nine-ten in the evening when already  was nobody in institute.

In the end of 1986 I have casually got on rehearsal of band called "Breeze" in "Builder" club in Solntsevo. I liked how guys sounded. Soon I played on a rhythm-guitar in this band. We liked the Beatles' music and played rock'n'roll. Musicians was: Lev Markov (solo-guitar), Sergey Taktashov (bass), Yuri Makarov (rhythm-guitar), Igor Zhatkin (drums). Our band took part in various competitions and concerts. And after phenomenal performance in Moscow Rock-Laboratory listening (it was on January, 9, 1988 in a recreation center of "Mosselmasch" factory) we nearly was got on "Young Hopes Festival" which should take place in February at participation of the "Moscow Komsomolets" newspaper. People "stood on ears" during our performance. We did not expect such reaction of public. After performance to us has approached Raspopych from the "Old Taxi" band and has told that we were the spoon of honey in a cask with dung.

In the beginning of 1988 "Breeze" has joined to Experimental amateur association "Perovo". Actually this organization which leader Sergey Bondarenko (Bender) was, existed exclusively for promotion of "Consul" band which manager he was. To us gave the bunker in a cellar of the apartment house altered under a bombproof shelter. There we also rehearsed. We played cheerful rhythmical music. Once upon a time we've called in Gagarinsky a district committee of Komsomol with the request for the help. The good rehearsal base was necessary for us. To us gave number of poetess Margarita Pushkina, the author of song "Closing a circle". She has invited us to play in cafe "At a fountain" in Olympic village which on local slang called "milky". Bands of Alexander Gradsky Moscow rock-club there acted. Then all was much easier. However we've played not so well. In December, 1988 Sergey Taktashov and Igor Zhatkin have been called up for military service, and in February 1989 our guitarist Lev Markov has emigrated in the US. Independently I recorded my music. I once started with it.



In the forest


I wouldn't like to depend on anybody in my creative work. But my records sounded not so professionally. I've put to myself a task to achieve at home the studio sound. I studied the special literature, experimented much. I give very big value to a sound of  electric guitar as on it all rock music is based. In 1997 I have sent my demo on tone-studio "Soyuz-Records", especially not hoping on the answer. But unexpectedly their director Andrey Fyodorov called to me and has invited me to interview. He liked how I feel the sound and asked me how I record my music. Andrey tried to organize competition for several persons and to choose the best who'll most successfuly do the record. The winner could work for them. In studio at that time recorded the album of Alla Pugachyova's songs performed by different singers. But I was soon forgotten...

I would like to remember another meeting. This was in 1995. My friend Sergey Tikhomirov told me all the time that they are rehearsing behind the wall of some very talented musicians, and that he had been acquainted with them. In an next door apartment, which was rented guys do not have a phone, and they kept running to him to call. When I asked what the name of the group, he replied: "«Quarter», it seems." I was speechless, and Sergey asked: "Famous band? " I've asked him to arrange a meeting. We took a beer, some CDs, and went to visit. There were guitarist Sascha Barantsev and mulatto Sophie, their vocalist. We had a good time. I asked Sasha to play "Island of White Birds", which I really liked. It was fantastic! He had a real American Gibson guitar for four thousand dollars. I gave him a tape of my recordings, and he gave me a CD autographed by the band. A few years later my wife and I were invited to The Bril Brothers performance in "B-2" club. There has been a friend of our friends Alex, violinist Orchestra of the Moscow Conservatory. I learned from him that he knew Sasha Barantsev, and unfortunately he is no longer alive . And after two and a half months in a car crash the leader of "Quarter" Arthur Pilyavin was died. I was unable to meet him. That's such a sad story.



Irina, me and my sister

"The Breeze". 2009


One my good friend Vitaly Krainov who played on keyboards earlier tried to convince me that the computer is good approach to creation of music. I was sure that due to universality this "clever device" is not capable to manage well with any task. But when I began to study in more details this point I've been amazed with possibilities which are given with a computer. I understood that I hardly do without it. It's cheaper much more than to buy the special musical equipment. And in 2000 I assembled my first computer on AMD 450 Mhz processor. In Cubase I've recorded a pair of songs and it's clear to me that at home it's possible to create the most comprehensive compositions and arrangements.

In the same year I met Irina Perkun who became my wife in future. We got married in April, 2001. She is engaged in variety dance, teaches children a choreography and to stage a few dances.


Facsimile Copies Studio



Since 2002 I work in "Facsimile Copies Studio". Our firm is engaged in manufacturing of decor elements for museums, clubs, restaurants. In 2003-2005 we made out restaurant "Thurandot" in the Tverskoy Parkway which owner is the known Moscow artist and restorator Andrey Dellos. It's the grandiose restaurant complex more looks like a palace. We had made columns in the Chinese hall, the twisted gilt Oriental cherry and decorated window apertures on a dome-shaped ceiling, an ornament for the Gobelin tapestries, the gilt statues as candlesticks, the sconces and many other things.

In 2007 there were two large projects at once. The first, is Fyodor Bondarchuk's film "Manned Island" under the novel of brothers Strugatsky. For this film we had made very beautiful floor watches per ancient style, and also a set of the sham weapon in space blockbasters style. The second project, is The Big Tsaritsyno Palace. I took part in manufacturing a gold two-headed eagle and capitals for 22 columns which are in the Throne Hall of the Big palace on a ground floor, and also decorative turrets on entrance glass pavilion. In May, 2009 our firm has made a Romanovs family monument for an exhibition in Paris. In 2010, at the "National Film Centre" studio was released documentary "Copyists", telling about our firm "Facsimile Copies Studio". You can watch it on the page Video.


Stills from "Manned Island"

Stills from "Copyists"


I always knew that I was born at the wrong time and wrong place. But the man has power only over their internal choices, this is in my opinion the most valuable. When I was comparing the people that changed over time, we see that the measure of all values are becoming more money. Once I was dismayed to discover found that people are often not interested in the man himself and his world, but the position which he occupies, and the corresponding opportunities. While it may be, always has been. The man, in my opinion, should not blindly accept on faith the established rules of society. Klyuchevsky said: "Faith without thinking - zealotry". For me, an example of spiritual perfection are people such as academician Dmitry Likhachev, and the priest Alexander Men. I always wanted to live so as to find interest in the most ordinary things, seek truth in simplicity. There's a good aphorism: it is necessary to appreciate what is, rather than asking prices for what is not. Not being an ascetic, periodically tried unsuccessfully to refute this aphorism - thus all the time convinced of this wisdom.


To be continued.

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