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Margarita Perkun-Bebeziche


Leading ballerina of "Moscow Classical Ballet" under  Natalia Kasatkina and Vladimir Vasilyov direction, the winner of IV International Ballet Competition in Moscow, 1981. You can watch Margarita's dance on the page Video.


June, 1981. IV International Ballet Competition in Moscow. The worldly-wise Bolshoi has blown up an applause. On a stage not high and harmonous girl, incredibly plastic and musical, with a phenomenal weightless jump. Among judges, - Yury Grigorovich, Galina Ulanova, Robert Joffrey, and many other outstanding persons of a choreographic art. In a hall is happened something extraordinary. The audience’s ovation for her lasted for twenty minutes. Margarita Perkun-Bebeziche wins not only a gold medal, but also love of many ballet art experts and amateurs. Before her the brilliant future opened...

In 1949 the young choreographer and art-producer George Perkun having returned in Moscow from creative business trip has brought several young talented girls from hungry post-war Albania. Among them was fifteen-year Melekhod Bebezai, or Milyusha Bebezichi as all named her.


Parents: G.Perkun and M.Bebezai

With dad

Birth certificate


She has been accepted in Ballet Academy where was started studying under M.Kozhukhova and G.Petrova. Gradually relations between Milyusha and George turned from only creative to romantic. Eventually they have got married. Their daughter Margarita was born on March, 17, 1957. She was the long-awaited child. It's necessary to tell that it was George Perkun's second marriage. From first marriage he had son Eduard who was the ballet dancer too. Later he worked in the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko theatre.

Approximately in one year after a birth of a daughter in 1958 Milyusha has been joined the Bolshoi. She became a character dancer. Due to the good externality, flexibility, plasticity and temperament she brightly acted a Mercedes in "Don Quixote", the Spanish dance in "Swan lake", the servant dance in "Romeo and Juliet" and Dancer with the snake in "Cinderella".


With mom



Eduard Perkun


Margarita's parents worked too much. Father was engaged in circus production and missed in the endless business trips, mother danced on Bolshoi's stage. The girl was brought up basically by grandmother Anna Petrovna who under George Perkun's request specially for this purpose has moved from Pyatigorsk to Moscow. They lived in municipal apartment near "VDNH" underground station (Exhibition of Achievements of a National Economy of the USSR). Margarita grew in creative family and since the earliest childhood knew that is necessary to be devoted to art to the core, to work like a horse to achieve something in art. She realized that her own standard has been lifted very high.




In 1-st class

In Bolshoi Ballet Academy


In 1967 at the age of ten Margarita Perkun was accepted to the Bolshoi Ballet Academy near the "Frunzenskaya" station. There was almost as at usual school, only requirements to pupils are higher and special subjects study. She visited cinema with friends, read books, dreamed about the prince. All as at usual children. On lessons of classic the girl erased fingers of feet in blood, comprehending elements of a choreography. Gradually dance became part of her nature and meaning of the life. Father left the family when Margarita was four. At the age of ten she lost her mother to a blood disease. When Milyusha already were in hospital she said all the time that she else will return on a stage...

In Ballet Academy Margarita has met Valery Shaikevich which becomes her husband later. They studied in one class, but not at once they became for each other the most close people. Estimations of the young ballerina for the first quarter of 1970 (record from her diary): Russian 4, the literature 3, algebra 4, geometry 3, zoology 3, geography 3, chemistry 4, physics 4, a history 4, the French language 4, classics 3 +, typical national dance 4, breath 5, a piano 4, behaviour 5.


With Alla Mikhalchenko

With granny & Valery

With sister Ira

On stage


Upon termination of Ballet Academy on a stage of Bolshoi final performance "The Fairy tale of the priest and his worker Balde" in which Margarita acted with gipsy dance has been put. It was her debut on the most important stage of her life. After graduation Margarita was invited to the Bolshoi. Valery was distributed to the Paliashvili's Theatre of Opera and Ballet in Tbilisi. But young ballerina has declared that she should be with beloved. All persuasions were useless. There was even a quarrel with father. That's she!. Any other person on her place hardly would be solved on it. Together they went to work in Tbilisi for two years and got married there. There Margarita danced the leading sets.

After coming back to Moscow in 1978 Margarita Perkun has joined the "Moscow Classical Ballet" under the direction of Natalia Kasatkina and Vladimir Vasilyov as a leading ballerina. Ballet, - alive art which it's necessary to see. To tell about it is ungrateful thing. But on particles is difficulty to re-create an image of this remarkable ballerina and the unique person from not numerous photos and memoirs of contemporaries. There is a film "Holiday of Ballet " with some recordings of Margarita’s performances.


Coached by M.Kondratyeva

ID as a member of the "Moscow Classical Ballet" company


That Marina Kondratyeva, the National actress of the USSR whose many forces have put for becoming the young ballerina as the creative person and has opened many other talented dancers recollects.Her story is invaluable meaning that it is the story of the person well knowing Margarita from the professional side.

"...Heads of collective of N.Kasatkina and V.Vasilyov have noticed original talent of the young actress and have started to charge to her responsible parties. Margarita became a leading ballerina. During this period I have come to "Classical ballet" and began to work here as the teacher-tutor. Among my pupils there was also Margarita who at once has attracted attention the individuality, unusual serviceability, musicality. The actress had easiness and a phenomenal weightless jump, that I haven't seen in any other ballerinas. But she had demerits, and she understanding them could work many hours above itself. Margarita had strongly advanced feeling of style, truly seized the slightest nuances, is skilful to transfer the most thin shades of feelings in the gusty and liberated dance. She has achieved it not at once. I was the witness to how Margarita persistently worked, mastered those bases of our art which enable to get such dancing freedom. Therefore she turned out well as Sylphide where her nature and got freedom were organic for this image... "








"...The range of her roles is very wide, - continues the story Marina Kondratyeva: the Sylphide, Diana in a duet from "Esmeralda", Eve, Possessed One in "The Rite Of Spring". About Possessed One Natalia Kasatkina (with V.Vasilyov - authors of performance) spoke that Margarita has danced it unusually brightly, and with her it was very interesting to work. "During statement and rehearsals she actively participated in our search", - said the ballet master. Margarita's selflessness in work can be named really surprising. Each her performance is original opening, any role she executed was with spontaneous power inherent only in her.

Her roles has stable came in to repertoire of ensemble, and many dancers went behind her. Juliet was that. It Margarita's last role. I remember how for a long time and carefully the actress prepared for performance - there were no trifles for her: a detail of a suit, a hairdress, each gesture, a sight - all was thought over, many times discussed long before premiere. Me pleased that at the young ballerina, alongside with huge serviceability, the serious, thoughtful attitude to the affair has appeared. For this reason she has created a mature image, has felt and seized the line which has enabled her to throw in the interpretation the bridge from a cheerful spontaneity of the Juliet-girl to the tragedy filled with raised feeling of all-conquering love.

And the ballerina has decided to take part in IV International Ballet Competition in Moscow, - finishes the story the coach. Why? I think, this decision has been dictated by desire to sum up to persistent four-year work, to find out for itself whether her searches are correct. Performance at competition has brought to her huge creative satisfaction. The gold medal became the certificate of that she on a right way. Margarita has subdued judges and spectators big emotionality, artistry, perfection of workmanship."


R. Joffrey and G. Ulanova

Yury Grigorovich present Gold Medal

With father and sister


The Grand prix at competition have awarded Irek Mukhamedov. Among women in the senior age group the first premium, a rank of the winner and a Gold Medal have received Alla Artyushkina-Haniashvili and Margarita Perkun-Bebeziche who has taken to itself this creative pseudonym in honour of mother specially for competition. There was no do without intrigues is certainly. But it's not necessary to tell about it.

After the competition there was a tour of Peru with "Moscow Classical Ballet" and afterwards Margarita with her husband left for their holydays by the Sea of Azov. She was young, full of creative energy and in her twenty four years is already well-known. To be a long time without work was not in her rules. And Margarita hurried all the time Valery to return in Moscow. She wanted to dance. The tragedy happened one night of August, 6, 1981 on 223 kilometer of highway Moscow-Volgograd. The car VAZ-2102 driven by her husband Valery and in which was the young ballerina, has collided lorry ZIL-130 which in part has moved on a strip of counter movement. Valery has remained alive, the small poodle which was in the car too survived the crash. And Margarita was lost. Guilty have recognized the driver of lorry Bozhibin later. He was not managed with difficult road conditions.


Obituary in "Evening Moscow"

Grave of Milyusha and Margarita


It's a big grief to lose beloved people. But the pain is especially intolerable when died talented and young. Margarita Perkun-Bebeziche for short and very bright life has had time to achieve much. And who knows, what a wonderful career was in store for her if the tragedy didn't happen. We should not forget this name. It is pride of our ballet. The destiny constantly tested Margarita for durability. But she with honour has stood all tests, setting to us an example of selflessness and utter devotion to the affair. And we shall always remember and love her.

* * *