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Irina Perkun


Studied in ball dance studio at the Teacher's Club. Worked as the photolaboratorian in NPA, the teacher of dances in Children's Park "Festival", the director in Palace Of Culture All-Russian Society Blind. In 1991 has ended Culture Institute. Was engaged in a plastic arts and a pantomime at V.Gneushev, step dance at V.Kirsanov. Has the choreographic statements. The author of the libretto of theatrically-ballet performance "Both skill, and inspiration" devoted to sister to ballerina Margarita Perkun-Bebezichi.



This story has began in 1957. Sixteen-year Irina Maloletneva together with the dancing collective at a Recreation Centre of Zuev took part in numerous concerts at Festival Of Youth And Students which passing at that time in Moscow. It was remarkable time of general lifting and enthusiasm when the post-war generation started out a life after "Iron Curtain" falling. The girl has been keen on dance and wished to study. But at that time yet there were no educational institutions where would teach variety dance. The variety branch at "The State School Of Circus And Variety Art" has based only in 1961. A year later she has acted on Red Cross rates, then some time has worked the nurse in a kindergarten. But the desire to be engaged in art nevertheless has won. Irina has started to go to a choreography circle at the Teacher's club. Her father George Vasilevich Maloletnev worked as the turner of the higher category at aviation factory. It had the cousin to singer Alexander Rozum. Mum Maria Evstegneevna was the housewife. George Vasilievich's mum was the sister of the grandmother of brothers Rozum, - a known artistic dynasty. Below at the left Maria Evstigneevna and George Vasiljevich's portraits are submitted. They belong to a brush of the grown-up from Rozum brothers, - Anatoly, and are written in 1939. Below on the right, - a portrait of Irina-junior, written by artist Gleb Frolovsky.


Portraits of the grandmother and the grandfather


Irina's portrait


In the late fifties in Yerevan the dancing collective in which have found an embodiment many modern lines and ideas in the field of variety art of that time has started to be created. In Moscow, strangely enough, all was much more conservative. Therefore many young men who have been carried away by dance, dreamt to get there. Irina was not an exception. But parents were against a trip to Armenia. And the girl was arranged to work in sewing workshops at circus in Color Parkway. There often there were known actors. Once George Perkun who worked in circus as the director there has glanced. He simply should notice the nice talented girl. They have got acquainted and have made friends, and after a while Irina Maloletneva already worked in Sojuzgostsirk Ballet. She took part in circus representations "The Carnival On Cuba", "Father Frost And The Snow Maiden's New Year's Adventures", and many other things. On December, 15th, 1961 Irina and George have got married. It was George Vasilevich Perkun third marriage. Exactly in five years, to the day, at them the girl whom too named Irina was born.


Mum on Column Hall Stage (the second at the left)

December, 15th, 1961

Irina junior & Irina grand


Irina grew marvellously the obedient child, - the word of the daddy for it was always the law. If it put to draw and left one she could so to stay some hours successively, giving out to nothing of the presence. In a kindergarten to it charged the most responsible roles in performances. When Ira played a role of the Snow Maiden in New Year's representation, it had a temperature under forty. All action was under construction round a sweet which should be got from under a fur-tree right at the end. But the Snow Maiden, without hesitation, has devoured a sweet and all bedaubed with chocolate continued to play unperturbably the role, contrary to Father Frost amazement which role was executed by the actor invited from Small Theatre. With white footwear was a rarity, therefore on dark winter boots white golfs have been dressed on. Flight from a hippopotamus was One more bright children's impression of our heroine. The story was in the Sochi circus. As well as all circus children, Ira a lot of time spent behind side scenes. Once she as usually played, suspecting nothing, when by it there passed hippopotamuses of trainer Stepan Isaakjan. Unexpectedly one of them has rushed on the girl. She hardly has had time to jump on a pile of rehearsal floor-mats. Having shown, who in the house the owner, the hippopotamus has escaped in an arena on representation. Such unless you will forget!

They have the guests in the house almost every day that for artistic family is normal. Often they stayed late, when a girl has slept. But sometimes she has awakened, put on a chair and asked to read a poem or sing a song. The guests were delighted. But it's the best way at Irina dancing numbers turned out. In the age of six she have accepted in a preparatory class children's music school number 25 Sokolnichesky District. Dad has hired a piano till final examinations. Teacher was Alla A. Vinogradova. Sometimes classes conducted while still very young soloist of the "Gems" Oleg Sleptsov, whose children are respectfully referred Oleg Minasovich. After several years of regular classes she very decently played Bach, Czerny, Haydn, Beethoven, Grechaninov, Prokofiev. There is a small home-recording concert that made by father in 1979. You can listen it on Music Friends page. In fact George Vasilyevich as a very kind and loving father takes seriously the education of his daughter. And sometimes the director won it all the rest. He was walking on the street behind Irina and watched that she "hold a back" - all begins with bearing. He said: "I'll not let you take the crows", giving to understand that diligence and desire to success are pawned in a person since the earliest childhood. But as a token of protest Ira specially suited to the window and began to take the crows.



Irina as a Snow Maiden

Family in gathering

With daddy


The daddy wanted that Irina became the translator. In 1974 has acted in school №33 on Big Rejaslavsky Street. Some subjects there were taught in French. But her biggest desire was to dance. And she really well did it. In the first class she acted on "The ABC-Book Holiday". Irina has been dressed in a beautiful skirt with a rose, which her was given by sister Margarita, on a head has been dressed a silk scarf. She executed Gipsy dance, and her girl-friend Milana accompanied on a tambourine. Children from the next classes came to look at them. All already knew that Irina well dances, therefore in the end of the first academic year she has invited to a school-leaving party of senior pupils. At first she has read a poem in French, and then has started to dance. So it was pleasant to graduates that it long did not wish to release from a scene. But time drew in, - Irina with parents should go on the south and they already were late for a train. Eventually mum has seized the girl in an armful and they have rushed off on a station.

In spite of the fact that Edik, Margarita and Irina were from different marriages, all of them very well among themselves communicated. The daddy regularly took out them to Black Sea in the Kabardinka settlement. There was a base of rest of Soyuzgoscirc "Arena". The director of base was on friendly terms with George Vasilievich and sometimes asked him to address to soldiers in local military station. And once a week specially for Irina was invited a military orchestra, and she danced for having a rest under popular music on a volleyball field.

When Irina was eight years, Margarita has led her in choreographic school. But to them have told that it's necessary to come in one year. There accepted since ten years. It was possible to register in preparatory group, but the daddy was against. As for this purpose it was necessary to throw musical school. Therefore Irina was engaged in a choreography with the sister.


"The ABC-Book Holiday"

In the Kabardinka settlement


On a shool stage


Mum by then already left from a circus and worked in "Intourist". She was the magnificent housewife and sewed for a daughter beautiful suits for performances. In the senior classes Irina suited discos at school. It had the most fashionable LPs which the daddy brought from foreign business trips, and mum was given by way of gratuity by its clients. Once the postman has brought to the daddy the telegramme with the condolence in connection with its own death. Probably it was someone's malicious joke or simply error. He very long laughed, recollecting this case. It was the very cheerful person. In the house all loved it. It could appear simply so without cause on a threshold of neighbour's apartment with a glass of vodka and snack on a tray. If him invited in The Central House Of Figures Of Arts it always brought from local restaurant an invariable pie with apples. When George Vasilievich was already the pensioner, it earned additionally the watchman in local organisation. Somehow he has come home and has informed that the salary has spent for a walls painting at itself on work. It was in the nature of things.

In the summer of 1981 when fourteen-year Irina had a rest in pioneer camp, the terrible message about destruction in accident of sister Margarita has come. All already knew about it, but to it have informed the latest. It was the first serious test in a life of the girl. For the daddy it there was a crushing blow which has undermined its health. He has started to be ill, the paralysed lay at home. In February, 1983 George Vasilievich has died.



Examinations in Musical School

Sixteen-aged Irina with mum



Come to an end happiest time of childhood when all around are loved and cared about you. Irina should leave school and somehow to be defined in life. She was advised to act in dance studio at the House of Teachers. Teacher there was Angelina F. Dehtyarenko. Irina participated in ballroom dancing competitions, went with her team in Gorky, Riga, frequently danced in Moscow. She took lessons of plastics and pantomimes with a young director Valentine Gneushev. She absorbed in itself as a sponge, all new and interesting. She likes Soviet, Latin American, European, Ballroom dancing.

After graduation, Irina Perkun wanted to act in GITIS at the variety rate of teacher Sergei Kashtelyan. But in the year on director's faculty, where she wanted to get, there was no reception. She was advised to act in faculty of Musical Theater Actors. But she refused, citing the fact that she bad singing. Then Irina acted in the Agency Seal "Novosti" as a photolaboratorian, and not to waste time, in parallel preparing to enter the Institute of Culture. Some time participated in a demonstration at the House Of Fashion Apparel at Kuznetsky Most. After one year of work in ASN she has arranged to teach dance in the Children's Park Festival. Director there was Viktor Kononov, a former class teacher of Irina. She was then still under eighteen years of age, and by law she was not entitled to work with children. But she made an exception. There were three groups of Irina for the twenty-five. Working with children - a very big responsibility. The children loved their teacher, which itself was recently schoolgirl. And parents, seeing as she literally puts the soul of every child, often gave her gifts as a token of thanks. And when it was necessary to act in the institute and to give up work, - it was a real tragedy for all.




The Viennese waltz


In The House Of A Fashion


In 1986, after passing examinations, Irina acted in The Institute of Culture in  "Organization and Techniques of cultural education faculty", which chose the "Amateur Associations." She wanted after graduation to establish their amateur dance association. Learning it was very interesting. Many were talented guys. Before the start of the lectures they always approached the piano and sang songs together. In the first year, Irina, at the request of management, has assembled a group of students and organized a presentation on The Day Of The City. They break dancing in the park at an outdoor stage.

At the end of the first course for all students gave the job to write the script of a documentary based on real facts of life. Irina has a theme of his sister Margarita Perkun-Bebezichi, which was ballerina ensemble "Classical Ballet". Thus was written the libretto for Theater and ballet performances "Both skill, and inspiration", based on diaries inspired Margarita and memories of her. Later material has been shown Andris Liepa, who said that staging the ballet will cost mad money. I read the script and I can say that it makes a strong impression. Irina has considered this case with only Hollywood scope. Maybe one day the ballet will be given.

After graduating from the Institute in 1991, Irina distributed in the House of Fashion to Arbat. But she liked variety dances more, so she again went to work dance instructor at the House Of The Pioneers of the Lenin district, which was subsequently renamed the "Children's Center for aesthetic education." They worked her brother Edward Perkun, who previously danced in the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Theater. Her method of teaching is somewhat different from regular. Classes at Irina dress was free - to whom in what is convenient. It all started with a warm-up, which included elements of aerobics. Then there were sessions classic dance machine. Further explore the basic elements of ballroom dancing and even acrobatic movements. During two hours of classes pupils acquired very much. While the conventional method of teaching involved only a warm-up and studying dance. Irina has set a goal that her students were in good physical shape, get acquainted with new elements of choreography, and indeed broader look at the art of dance. Guys brought her pictures, they thought the costumes. The atmosphere in the classroom was a truly creative. But the heads is not liked, and Irina have made it clear that she was looking for another job. For a while she worked as secretary of the Yugoslav-French confectionery company.





With mum, the uncle and the aunt


In 1994 her mum who had illness of heart has died. In the twenty-seven years, Irina has lost parents. Except for the aunt and her brother Edik she had no anybody from close relatives. Later a short period of the director at the Palace Of Culture All-Russian Society Blind. Irina has carried out a cycle of concerts beginning opera singers - graduates of colleges and conservatories. All they were weak-eyed but very talented. Have another penny translations of technical literature in French.

I met Irina 1 January 2000. I has casually found out her phone, has called and congratulated Happy New Year. This was absent acquaintance. Two days we communicated only by phone. I then worked as a guard in one company and it was just my duty. We talked for hours with each other about yourself, everything was very romantic. When we have met, in addition to exterior, Irina liked me their sociability and intelligence. I can not say that often meet people with similar qualities in this together. It felt a tremendous unsolved potential. 27 Apr, 2001, we got married in the Mestchansky Department Registry Office In Moscow.



In The Registry Office




When Irina told me about her family and herself I have understood that I should necessarily to write about the people  who made so much for art. It was clear that except for me is anybody already never will make it. Thus I wanted to restore historical validity. We've got to used to see the same persons on TV. But when I look in the encyclopedia I'm amazed how many talents lives among us, and how many have already gone into nonexistence. If a person is not in favor, as it would not exist. This is not to say. George V. Perkun, Irina's dad, never been a servility man. They could not let him out abroad on performances for his cool character, not give put on the law the apartment, he often came with party assembly very tired - there stormed serious fights. But he has always been real professional, they listened to his voice, also was the big person.

Gradually I began to collect materials. So the idea of creating this site. In that all this is not an empty egg, I was able to ascertain when a ballet forum, read a post from British translator, which told about Margarita Perkun, and as the primary source gave the link to my site. And this despite that all the material I have at that time was only in Russian. Then I decided to do also the English version of the site and register it in the English search engines.

We have the big creative plans. She is teaching, I write music. Whatever the case may be, but life does not stand still. There's always something new in art. But in the maelstrom of events we will always remember all the good that our parents gave us. This moral point of reference is very important to us. People should know the history of their culture. And I'm happy to be introduced at this a modest contribution. We are grateful to all who are interested in materials on this site.

* * *